Vauhti UF LDR Glide Wax - 45g

Vauhti UF LDR Glide Wax - 45g

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Product Features

Vauhti's Ultra Fluor LDR paraffin ski wax is the never fail race day glide wax for cross country skis. If the temperature is about 14°F and you are faced with long distances, uncertain conditions, changing conditions, or just want to have top performance without doing comparison testing then you need to iron this magic concoction on your race skis.

  • Operating range of +5/-10°C (41/14°F)
  • 45g package
  • Very high fluorocarbon content guarantees good hydrophobicity, dirt resistance and durability
  • All snow types including man-made snow
  • Fantastic base layer for pure fluoro top coats

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 6419696089406
Size 45g
Temperature range +5/-10°C (41/14°F)