Vauhti LF Race Wet Glide Wax - 45G

Vauhti LF Race Wet Glide Wax - 45G

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Product Features

Vauhti LF Race Wet Glider is a high performance ski glide wax for wet and spring snow conditions

  • Harder than most paraffins for wet snow and maintains glide speed over longer distances
  • Comparable by hardness and wax composition to Vauhti HF Wet (same as older HF Yellow)
  • Operating range of LF RACE WET goes down to -3°C on fresh snow and down to -5°C on old snow
  • A good choice on sunny spring weather when the snow moisture content varies from wet to dry
  • 45g package

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 6419696086566
Size 45g
Temperature range +10/-1°C (50/30°F)