Vauhti HF Wet Liquid Ski Glide Wax - 80ml

Vauhti HF Wet Liquid Ski Glide Wax - 80ml

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Product Features

Vauhti terms their high performance HF Wet Liquid Glide wax as part of their "Quick" series. Aptly named, as the demanding fitness skier can enjoy top performance without owning a waxing iron. For the serious racer, imagine waxing your skis for moderate or cold conditions and then finding out the weather forecast was wrong once the sun comes out and turns the snow to mush. Smear Vauhti HF Wet Liquid wax on the ski base, let sit in a warm room for 15 minutes, brush out and and then go out and ski fast.

  • Best in snow above -3°C and humidity over 55%
  • 80ml bottle with sponge applicator
  • High fluorocarbon content provides supreme water and dirt repellence

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 6419696089482