Vauhti FC Wet Fluoro Powder

Vauhti FC Wet Fluoro Powder

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Product Features

Vauhti FC Wet Fluoro Powder is less sensitive to snow crystal types compared to other fluoro powders, and can tolerate colder conditions.

  • New name for Vauhti's hfC9.1 powder
  • Designed for any wet snow down to 3°C
  • Best application is by ironing for 15 - 20 seconds per ski
  • Iron temperature should be approx. 170 – 180°C
  • Can be applied by roto-cork for distance less than marathon
  • After brushing, leave a matte finish- don't polish! A dull finish is faster in wet snow
  • 30g package

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 6419696086733
Temperature range +10/-3°C (50/25°F)