Vauhti FC Grip Powder

Vauhti FC Grip Powder

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Product Features

Better than a magic wand for your classic race skis! Vauhti FC Grip powder casts a spell over grip wax in problematic conditions. When the best grip wax is still hitchy or prone to icing, dust on a bit of this and lightly cork in. A mix of fluorocarbon and extremely fine graphite, this powder improves glide properties without compromising grip.

  • 20g package
  • Operating range: +5/-20°C (41/-4°F)
  • Can be applied at room temperature or snow temperature
  • Adhere with light strokes of a clean synthetic cork, or the palm of your hand
  • For use on hard waxes or klisters

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 6419696020706