Vauhti FC Fluoro Block LDR

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Vauhti FC Fluoro Block LDR

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Product Features

Vauhti FC Fluoro Block LDR could be the skier's version of the "one ring to rule them all". Incredible ski speed over a wide range of conditions

  • Long Distance Racing ("LDR") composition is intended to handle the variable conditions found in a ski marathon
  • Exceeds or comes close to top test winning fluoro top coats in most conditons
  • For longer distances, iron the bottom layer slightly, let cool, scrape and brush. Add another layer, cork and brush
  • Blocks are the most cost effective way to pure fluoro top coat your skis
  • Rub in, cork in, brush out the structure, and be prepared to hold on to your touque!
  • 20g block

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 6419696087181
Temperature range +5/-20°C (50/25°F)

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