Toko Structurite Nordic Kit

Toko Structurite Nordic Kit

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Product Features

Affordable and very effective imprinting tool for nordic race skis, the Interchangeable rollers easily change the base structure for different conditions. Imprinting the base is different than previous "rilling" tools, as imprinting does not create the micro-hairs that a riller does. Often, the imprint will nearly disappear with the next hot-waxing. This allows the skier to select the appropriate day's structure, and imprint anew after hot-waxing and brushing.

  • Kit includes tool holder and three rollers
  • Red roller, a fine broken/diagonal structure for most humidity conditions in the 20° F (-7° C) range
  • Blue- very fine linear structure for cold and dry conditions. Linear structure is best used on classic skis
  • Yellow- medium cross/diagonal structure for wet and high humidity. Not a substitute for the deep rill or stone grind used in very wet snow (think rain or spring slush), this is does work very well in high humidity new snow towards 32F snow temperature

Product Specs

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Manufacturer UPC 7613186870201