Toko HF Glide Wax - Yellow - 40g

Toko HF Glide Wax - Yellow - 40g

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Product Features

Toko HF (highly fluorinated) yellow glide wax is a soft, racing wax to meet your highest glide demands. Enjoy the wax of World Cup super stars!

  • For damp to wet snow conditions
  • DLC additive for maximum dirt repellency
  • Tribloc technology for perfect sliding properties
  • Very high fluorine content
  • Fluorine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for top finish products
  • Resealable wax case

Product Specs

SKU TOK5501021
Manufacturer UPC 4250423601599
Size 40g
Color Yellow
Temperature range Snow temp 32° F to 21° F (0° C to -6° C) / Air temp 50° F to 25° F (10° C to -4° C)