Start Tar Kick Wax

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Start Tar Kick Wax


Product Features

  • Tar adapts to temperature fluctuations, increasing the range of conditions in which a wax can be used
  • Best when humidity is between 55-75%
  • In fresh new snow, Start Tar waxes can be amazingly fast
  • Somewhat softer than other grip waxes, a base binder is highly recommended
  • 45g tin
  • Yellow for snow +2° to +1/2°C (37° to 33°F)
  • Purple for +1/2° to -1/2°C (33° to 31°F)
  • Red for 0° to -3°C (32° to 27°F)
  • Blue for -2° to -7°C (28° to 20°F)
  • Green for -7° to -12°C (20° to 10°F)
  • Black Minus for -10º to -30º C (14 to -22F)

Product Specs