Start FHF Fluor Kick Wax

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Start FHF Fluor Kick Wax

$31.95 $25.54
$31.95 $25.54

Product Features

Start FHF ("Functional High Fluoro") kick waxes maximize speed and grip in dirty, humid snow when durability is key.

  • For new and old snow, when humidity more than 55%
  • Softer than normal kick waxes for better grip
  • High resistance to contamination
  • Extremely resistant to icing
  • Can be used as a top speed coat, or alone
  • Especially useful for covering klister
  • FHF20 yellow (+3° ...+1°C)
  • FHF40 purple (+2° ...-2°C)
  • FHF60 red (-1° ...-5°C)
  • FHF80 blue (-4° ...-10°C)

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