Star HF0 Wet Cera-Flon Solid Ski Wax

Star HF0 Wet Cera-Flon Solid Ski Wax

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Product Features

Star HF0 Cera-Flon ski wax is a high fluorocarbon content paraffin that will accelerate your snow sticks to an escape velocity. Escaping the pack, that is.

  • Best in new snow around freezing
  • "HF" means a high fluorocarbon content for top performance on new snow with mid-high humidity
  • Excellent when used alone, but will optimize the performance of any added fluoro top coat
  • 110°C ironing temperature
  • 60g package

Product Specs

SKU STR06005
Manufacturer UPC 8020617060053
Temperature range +/- 0°C