Vauhti HF Mid Glide Wax - 90G

Vauhti HF Mid Glide Wax - 90G

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Product Features

Vauhti HF Mid Glide wax is the new name for Vauhti's HF Pink. A glide wax so outstanding that many skiers keep a bar around even if Vauhti isn't their primary wax brand

  • Best in new and damp snow
  • In humidity below 75%, best down to -3°C
  • When humidity is over 75%, wide range from -1/-5°C
  • For west coast skiers, this could be the first choice wax to test
  • 90g package

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 6419696084470
Size 90g
Temperature range 0/-5°C (32/23°F)