Back Country & Nordic Ski Expo

  • This year Oregon Mountain Community's 7th Annual Backcountry & Nordic Ski Expo will be bigger than ever before.
  • This is a great opportunity to sell your beloved older equipment and purchase the latest gear at sizable discounts.
  • All new product in the store will be 20% off for ONE DAY ONLY during the Expo, and when you apply your store credit from your used gear sale, it makes this an event you won't want to miss!
  • Dust off your gear from last season and get it to the store before the swapping starts on SAT. NOV. 16th 10:00am – 6:00pm.
  • The Expo is being held November 15th, 2014 - 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Oregon Mountain Community
  • 2975 NE Sandy Blvd.
  • Portland, Oregon 97232

Community Consignment Sale

  • Looking to fund your next backcountry ski rig? Bring your used equipment into the store and have it displayed for sale during the expo.
  • Please follow these guidelines:
  • Sale Guidelines
    • Gear should be lightly used and in good quality.
    • Gear should be reasonably new or made within the last two seasons.
    • We can't accept clothing, packs or accessories, hard-goods only please.
    • Your gear needs to be in serviceable condition. IE: Free from core shots, free from excessive rust and not in need of repair.
    • Estimated value of your items should be above $50 per item.
    • Any items not sold on the day of the Expo, November 15th, will be stored and available for pick-up during normal business hours beginning November 17th.
    Consignment Drop Off Instructions
    • We will accept items on consignment starting November 6th during normal business hours, up until a day before the sale (until November 14th).
    Consignment Payment Structure
    • If you see your gear sold on the day of the expo, your store credit is available for use! This means you can take immediate advantage of the 20% off store wide sale!
    • Payment will be available starting Monday, November 17th.
    • Consignment will be paid out at 90% of the sales price by CHECK.
    • Consignment will be paid out at 110% of the sales price in STORE CREDIT.
    • Any items left behind after November 21st, will be donated to a local charity.
    Oregon Mountain Community Basement Deals
    • OMC will be offering 'basement deals' on odds and ends, equipment, and clothing, cleared out of the basement.
    • This ski and outdoor gear is in suitable working order, and ready for your trips, into the mountains, this winter.
    • But, all items are sold “as-is” and are non-returnable, so please be considerate to yourself and others and inspect the gear before you buy, and handle with care.
    • This assorted equipment originates from:
      • Rep demos – Manufacturer representatives will be selling their samples.
      • Return items – Items free of defects, but missing packaging, offered at steep discounts.
      • Warranties - Items that were repaired under warranty.
      • Outdated rental equipment – Used AT, cross-country, mountaineering and snowshoeing equipment.