Rode Violet Special Klister

Rode Violet Special Klister


Product Features

Rode Violet Special Klister is one of those waxes that escapes attention, but when you start figuring out how to use it you wonder how you ever got along without it.

  • Very good for icy but fine grained cold snow as a gripping wax
  • Superior base and binder wax under softer klisters. In new, sloppy wet snow where a Rode Red Special works but tends to ice up, try a base layer of Violet Special with a very thin layer of Red Special. Voila, better grip, better glide, less icing
  • An outstanding wax when mixed with a hard wax to create a cushion layer under the main hard wax

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 8022937000528
Color Violet
Temperature range - 1C° to - 5C°