Rode Violet Multigrade Kick Wax

Rode Violet Multigrade Kick Wax

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Product Features

When it was first corked onto ski bases decades ago, Rode Violet Mulitgrade was considered to be magic in a tin. Amazing range and resistance to icing. The versatility across snow type withing the temperature range has made it a trusted favorite for distance races, or a long training day when the conditions are expected to change.

  • Rode recommends the temperature range in "Middle Europe" snow as 0°/-2C°. This means the Rockies to us
  • The "North Europe" range is -3°/-5C°. For N. America, think maritime climates
  • In the past few years Rode has offered more nuanced wax choices in the use range of Violet Multigrade. When good, they're really good, but often are specific to a snow type. Violet Multigrade...will always work

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 8022937000108
Temperature range -3°/-5C