Rode Top Line VO Grip Wax

Rode Top Line VO Grip Wax


Product Features

Rode's Violet Mulitgrade grip wax has a passionate following, known to be trustworthy in a broad band of just sub-freezing new snow. Others have moved on, feeling that it is a bit slow on the glide. With the Top Line VO, one notices that it is recommended for the same range as Violet Multigrade, but was developed for the World Cup. No surprise to find that it behaves like Violet Multigrade, but now has the speed as well.

  • Rode recommends the temperature range in "Middle Europe" snow as 0°/-2C°. This means the Rockies to us
  • The "North Europe" range is -3°/-5C°. For N. America, think maritime climates. Great wax for the Pacific Northwest
  • Could be the new standard test model in the mid to upper 20 F, new snow conditions

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 8022937432152
Temperature range 0°-5°C