Rode Multigrade Klister

Rode Multigrade Klister


Product Features

Imagine you are out of Rode Multigrade Klister, and the race will start soon. If you yell out, "does anyone have some Rode Multigrade klister?", count how many people don't raise their hand. Betcha you can count that number on the fingers of one hand. Universal in application, universal in appreciation, universal in popularity. Enough said.

  • If you only have one klister, it should be this one. Best on old, coarse grained snow, but always a surprise when it works when you think it shouldn't
  • Very strong kicking klister, and one of the best to use in mixes to optimize results
  • For durability, use something like Rode Violet Special klister as a base. In very abrasive conditions, use Rode Chola, a thin layer of Violet Special, and then Muligrade
  • If Multigrade is icing just bit, and/or seems a bit slow, mix in Rode Red Klister

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 8022937000610
Temperature range - 6C°/+ 6C°