Rode Blue Super Weiss Kick Wax

Rode Blue Super Weiss Kick Wax


Product Features

While Rode Blue Super Weiss has a narrower niche than other Rode Blue kick waxes it is no surprise that when it is in it's range it is unbeatable.

  • Rode lists the "Middle Europe" range as -1°/-4C°, close to our inter-mountain climate
  • The "North Europe" range is -3°/-7C°, perhaps the closest to our maritime climates
  • The optimal conditions seem to be snow that has never melted, but is old or has been skied on a lot and is "slithery", and most other waxes don't seem to grip
  • The dependable grip doesn't come with loss of glide. When in its operating range, this wax is fast!

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 8022937000092
Temperature range -1°/-4C°