Rode Blue Super Kick Wax

Rode Blue Super Kick Wax


Product Features

Rode Blue Super might be the best known and respected kick waxes in the blue range. A simply unbelievable temperature range, resistant to icing, and usually very fast. A must for every racer's wax kit. While it might be surpassed in specific conditions, it can be considered a benchmark test wax as it nearly always works. After testing a skier can use the information to decide if they need more kick or more speed by going to a kick wax that is more specific.

  • Rode lists the "Middle Europe" range as - 1°/-3C°. For us, think higher and drier climates
  • The range for "North Europe" is - 3°/-10C°. On our continent, think maritime
  • Despite the official recommendation, most find the optimal range is far lower. In new snow it can be used well down to -15C°

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 8022937000085
Temperature range - 3°/-10C°