Rode Blue Super Extra Kick Wax

Rode Blue Super Extra Kick Wax


Product Features

Relatively new to the hallowed and respected Rode wax line-up, the Rode Blue Super Extra has a niche that isn't replicated by any other. Noted on the tin is the humidity range, 40-90%. While this is a fairly wide humidity range it does encompass higher humidity snow well, so Pacific Northwest skiers, pay attention!

  • Rode lists a "middle europe" temperature range of -1 to -5 C°. For North America, think Rockies
  • The "northern europe" range is -3 to -10 C°, a very wide range and closer to North American maritime climates
  • Like most Rode waxes, it is fast. Best grip is in falling or new fallen humid snow before glazing has occurred

Product Specs

Manufacturer UPC 8022937000078
Temperature range -1to -5C°