Price Matching

    • Here at OMCgear we love to be your go-to online retailer for your gear. Ski, Mountain, Climbing and anything else you might be doing, we are the place! If you managed to find some other site that has lower prices, we'll match their price!

    Price-Match Qualifications

    • OMCgear and the other site must both have the identical item in stock.
      • This includes Style, Color, Year, and Size
    • Due to dealer restrictions, the site must be based in the United States.
    • Price difference must be more than one US dollar in order to price match.
    • A price match will only be honored for up to three of the same item.
    • We cannot price-match promotions or coupons.
      • This includes Free Shipping, Amazon Fulfilment, expedited delivery, rewards points, cash back, or other limited promotions.
    • All items must be in NEW condition.
    • Prices listed on auction or local sites are excluded.
      • This includes eBay, Craigslist, myBids, quiBids and any other auction-style sites.

    How Do I Recieve My Price Match?

    • If you found the better price on one of our competitor's sites, contact us with details within 14 days of placing your order and we'll credit the difference back to the payment method you used.
    • We will need the details of where you found a lower price in order to verify the price difference.