Pieps Backup Transmitter

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Pieps Backup Transmitter

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Product Features

In a bad scenario, when you are separated from your transceiver in an avalanche burial, the Pieps Backup Avalanche Transmitter is there to save your bacon. The Pieps Backup is worn directly on the body and automatically activates when separated from the primary unit, by more than 1m. If the rescuer is in motion, the Pieps Backup is not transmitting. Also the Pieps Backup doesn't transmit if there is a transmitting beacon nearby.

  • Compatible with any standard (457 kHz) beacon on the market
  • In an emergency ("no motion“ and "no transmitting beacon nearby”) the Pieps Backup will start to transmit
  • Accelerometer keeps Backup from transmitting when still in motion

Product Specs

SKU BLA109879
Weight 70 g (incl. battery)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 62 x 47 x 19 mm