Customer Photo Submission Guidelines

(This is the short version, please see our site terms and conditions for full rules)

We love the outdoors. We love gear. We love pictures. We love our customers.
We love pictures of our customers, using our gear.

For you to submit your photo for OMCgear to use, we only ask a few things:

  • Images must be jpg, png, gif, or bmp. We'll take other formats, but may not like it.
  • The photo must be your own (you own the rights).

When you submit a photo to OMCgear you agree to the following:

  • The use of your photo will be royalty free. (your not going to be put on payroll)
  • You will be rewarded when we use your photo in any official form.
  • Rewards are given in the form of gift-card codes valued between $5 and $25 USD.
  • OMCgear will provide photo credit watermarked on the image, or included in attached promotional text
  • You grant us irrevocable royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual right and license to use, copy, modify display, archive, store, reproduce and create derivative works based upon such content, in any form. (was that legal enough for you? It means we are going to use your photo where we want.)

How do you submit your photos?

Can I see past winners?