Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamp - Fall 2016

Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamp - Fall 2016

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Product Features

The Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp provides solid performance and features. A leap ahead of most basic head mounted lighting systems, the Revamped Tikka Plus offers 160 lumens of brightness in three different modes. Rely on the red beam to provide light in the dark with less strain on your retinas. Compatible with lithium batteries for weight-savings or improved cold weather performance.

  • Three white lighting modes (maximum, economic and strobe), two red lighting modes (maximum and strobe)
  • One high-out output white LED light provides 70 lumens at maximum level
  • Single compartment contains LEDs and batteries and allows light beam to be aimed
  • Type of lighting (white or red) can be selected and remain in memory for the next use by holding the push-button for two seconds
  • Compatible with the ADAPT mounting system to mounting options on helmet, backpack, a vest, or a belt strap
  • Adjustable headband fits heads, hats, and helmets
  • Push-button switch prevents the lamp from inadvertently turning on in your pack
  • Battery charge indicator light comes on when there is only 50% burn-time remaining to keep you from getting stranded without batteries
  • Compatible with lithium batteries for the best weight and performance at lower temperatures
  • Water resistant

Product Specs

Max. light output 160 Lumens
Average battery life 60 Hours
Beam distance 50 Meters
Bulb type LED
Weight 2.9 Oz