Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device

Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device

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Product Features

The Petzl GriGri 2 belay device with assisted braking capability is designed to facilitate belay maneuvers. The GriGri 2 works equally well for lead climbing and top-roping.

  • Belay technique is identical to classic belay systems: both hands on the rope. A fall is stopped by tightening the hand on the free end of the rope
  • Assisted braking: during fall arrest, the belayer holds the free end of the rope, the cam pivots and pinches the rope, increasing the braking action until the rope stops sliding
  • Built with a stainless steel friction plate and cam to ensure a long life for the product
  • Diagrams for rope installation engraved on belay device (interior and exterior)

Product Specs

SKU 8500
Weight 6.00 oz (170 g)
Fits rope width 0.35 - 0.43 in (8.9 - 11 mm)

Customer Reviews

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"relatively light, great feel when clipping"
great value, just wish the 5pack also had the longer dogbone option, 11mm is a little short for my liking.

other wise it's a great set of quick draws

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Review by sleevez on 9/3/2013
"Expensive, but uniquely good at its job"
Using the GriGri feels like belaying in luxury.

The good:
Most of my climbing partners are heavier than I am, and using the GriGri to belay them removes much of the effort, even when they are hanging often on a route.

I've used it on ropes with diameters between 9.5 and 10.5, and it has worked well, and has always auto-braked. One of my friends has a particularly slippery rope that zips through on lowering, but still brakes fine.

Once you get into the habit of using it a little, it is just as easy---if not easier---than a tube-style device to take and pay out slack.

It seems pretty durable and well-made.

The bad:
Lowering is a bit touchy. The lever is really nice, but I always have trouble finding that spot between "too slow" and "frighteningly fast," especially when lowering really large climbing partners. I end up having to grip the brake strand harder than I want to in order to control the lowering speed. Maybe it just requires some practice.

It's expensive, compared to just about any other belay device.

Overall, I got the GriGri for safety reasons: when pushing the grade, I want a brake-assisting device to ensure that my climber (and myself!) is as safe as possible in any situation. It turns out that it's really fun and easy to use, and has made my belaying life many times better.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Review by Climbergirl on 7/29/2013