Nemo Zor Sleeping Pad - Spring 2015

Nemo Zor Sleeping Pad - Spring 2015

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The Nemo Zor Sleeping Pad is the lightest pad Nemo. The mission of the Zor™ series was to make the lightest pad possible without going too far and compromising your sleeping position. The Zor™ pads accomplish the mission thanks to ultralight fabrics and a novel way of removing foam both vertically and horizontally.

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"Exactly as described. Exactly."
This pad started out as an ultralight sleeping pad, and then they removed some of the foam from the inside to make it even lighter. What remains is a super ultra light weight minimalist sleeping pad. It's like sleeping on river rocks, instead of jagged obsidian. While I haven't measured it, it feels like this thing is 1/4" thick when fully inflated.

If you want to cut weight, and have a more comfortable night of sleep, this works. If you want to wake up without aches and pains from sleeping directly on the ground, find another pad.
Review by Justin on 3/28/2017