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Product Features

The MSR XGK EX Stove is a high-performance stove engineered for extreme conditions. Its powerful flame melts snow and boils water incredibly fast across a wide variety of fuel. The EX features a flexible fuel line and stable, retractable legs and pot supports to pack smaller than ever.

  • Burns white gas, kerosene, and diesel
  • Reliably burns more liquid fuels than any other stove
  • Number one choice for expeditions worldwide for its reliability and easy maintenance
  • Retractable legs and pot supports provide a secure platform for big pots even in extreme weather
  • Extremely effective in cold temperatures and at high altitudes; burner remains off the ground
  • New flexible fuel line allows stove to fit in a 1.5-liter MSR pot
  • Heats 30 liters of water per 20 oz fuel bottle (white gas), 34 liters (kerosene, diesel)
  • Self-cleaning Shaker Jet technology and intelligent assembly allow fast cleaning
  • Field maintainable from pump to burner
  • Includes fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit and stuff sack
  • Necessary fuel and fuel bottle are sold separately
  • Made in Seattle, USA

Product Specs

Auto-Igniter No
Dimensions 5 x 4 x 3.5 in (12.7 x 10 x 8.9 cm)
Simmer adjustable No
Weight 1 lb 1.2 oz (489 g)
Fuel type White Gas, Kerosene, Diesel
Boil time 1 liter in 2.8 minutes (Kerosene)

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

"Fast Boil - HOT!"
This is a serious water heater. If you are trying to melt snow to boil water this is the ticket. You must use the wind screen for highest efficiency. Also, keeping a lid on the pot of heating water will speed up the boil. I ran 2 of these MSR XGK side by side for experimentation purposes. Yes, it's intuitively obvious, just wanted to see if the difference was significant. One may consider the stove to be a bit loud as it sounds like a mini-jet taking off in your tent vestibule. You know it's working by the sound. There is no real flame adjustment or control. The unit is either 100% on or off. This is by design. If you want an adjustable stove that you can use to simmer there are many inexpensive models including MSR stoves out there. As far as I have investigated none of those stoves with adjustable flame have the capacity to produce the amount of heat of the MSR XGK EX. I have only used white gas thus far.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Review by rick44 on 12/30/2013