MSR Standard Fuel Pump

MSR Standard Fuel Pump


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Product Features

The MSR Standard Fuel Pump is a testament to MSR's commitment to reliability and service. As tinkerers who abuse gear, we love that MSR's stoves are easy to service and parts are easy to source. If your fuel pump has bitten the dust or you're looking to upgrade an older model, you've come to the right place as MSR's Fuel Pumps are the lightest, most reliable pump on the market.

  • Replace or upgrade old fuel pumps on MSR stoves
  • Rugged design incorporates fiberglass-reinforced polymer, which doubles its strength
  • Innovative valve improves flame control, while seal is easier to maintain
  • Standard fuel pump is compatible with the MSR WhisperLite series and XGK stoves
  • Not compatible with the MSR DragonFly stove
  • Made in Seattle

Product Specs

SKU MSR11794
Weight 2.3 oz (69 g)

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