MSR Alpinist 2 Pot

MSR Alpinist 2 Pot

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Product Features

Gram counters might find a lighter pot than the MSR Alpinist 2 pot. However for mortals who require something a little more durability and a larger capacity than a single serve titanium cup the MSR Alpinist fits the bill. It's made of hard anodized aluminum and its large 2.4 liter capacity is ideal for melting snow or group meals.

  • 2.4 Liter capacity is ideal for melting snow and group cooking
  • Hard anodized aluminum pot is strong, light and conducts heat more evenly than titanium
  • Handle is sturdy, stays cool, and works in tandem with the Talon™ Pot Handle for secure packing
  • Non-stick coating is durable ensures cleaning eggs isn't an all day task, note that some care should be taken (i.e. no metal utensils or harsh scouring pads)
  • Pot lid doubles as a strainer and raised lip makes pouring water easy
  • Talon™ Pot Handle features a modular, lightweight push-button design that folds to lock on lids keeping pots secure
  • Big enough to hold your kitchen kit, for example you can fit three insulated mugs and two DeepDish™ plates or any MSR stove inside (all available separately)

Product Specs

SKU MSR05327
Non-Stick No
Material Aluminum
Includes 2.4L Hard anodized aluminum pot, Strainer lid and Talon™ pot handle
Dimensions 7.75 x 4.75 in (19.69 x 12.07 cm)
Weight 10.8 oz (306 g)

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