Metolius Curve Hex Set #1-#10

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Metolius Curve Hex Set #1-#10


Product Features

The Metolius Curve Hex Set #1-#10 has dramatically improved upon the classic hex design by adding curved faces. This opens up innumerable placement options by allowing the Curve Hex to slide past nubbins and irregularities that would block a traditional, straight-sided hex. The curves also allow C.H.s to cam into position by rotating on the convex face and setting up super-stable, 3-point contact with the concave side. Each piece offers four different placement options yielding a range that is similar to a camming unit of comparable size. Curve Hexes are very lightweight and work better than cams in iced up, wet, or dirty cracks, making them indispensable for alpine climbing.

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SKU 314
Manufacturer UPC 602150150118

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