Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 Binding - Fall 2015

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Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 Binding - Fall 2015


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Product Features

A tech binding with lateral toe travel! The long-awaited Fritschi Diamir 12 binding has a lateral toe release, allowing the skier to stomp landings and chatter on ice with confidence that their bindings won't pre-release, or not release, in dire circumstances. This elasticity, in a light AT binding, is the big deal with this new AT binding from Fritschi. The Vipec (vi sounds like eye) also changes from ski to walk mode without the need to remove skis the rear piece allows full ski flex without affecting the boot/bonding interface, and it has a RV (release value) of 12. There is a lock-out mode, at the toe (so the ski stays on whilst skinning, but will still release if you got caught in an up-track avalanche. Weight is around a pound per binding (470g per binding) which is, roughly, in the range of a Dynafit Radical and far lighter than Fritchi or Marker plate bindings.

  • Unique adjustable front pins can accommodate problematic boots. Improved durability for fall 2014
  • Toe release occurs when the toe pin unit slides-out laterally releasing the boot toe
  • 14mm lateral travel in toe piece
  • Zero tech gap, at the heel, and no need for a spacer
  • Defined release even if the ski is flexed
  • Three climbing bar modes

Product Specs

SKU BLA101278
Boot compatibility Tech
DIN range 5-12
Weight 1.03 lbs (470 g) - per binding without brakes

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