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Downunders Ultra Walker Footbeds - Green

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Welcome to one of the most sophisticated footbeds on the market, Downunders by Walkabout International. They are very close fitting, not unlike the full contact your foot experiences when walking barefoot in sand. But they are not rigid! It is recognized by foot specialists that the foot should not be held in a rigid position, it is meant to flex and move. And like sand, as you run, jump, skate, edge, just rock back and forth on your feet, Downunders will flex slightly while still maintaining that full contact. Comfort comes from the force being spread out over a larger area, stability comes the ergonomically positioned contours.

  • Constructed of EVA and natural cork, the Ultra Walker is softer under foot and has the best ability to mold to your feet under use. Most popular with hikers, walkers, and those who stand on concrete
  • Dynamic heel cup: the deep heel pocket captures a large area of the calcaneus (heel bone) and its fat pad, centering heel position and cupping the pad to spread forces out and protect from injury
  • Forefoot arch support: Tear Drop bubble bolsters the natural transverse (metatarsal) arch shape, supporting the complex structure of the forefoot by separating the metatarsals and soft tissue in between
  • Self molding Active Arch: longitudinal arch contour provides neutral support to the arch without making the foot rigid. Normal and healthy pronation is facilitated while limiting over-pronation
  • Easily trimmed with scissors to fit inside shoes

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"My original pair of downunders have never failed me..outstanding comfort"
I purchased another pair of downunder foot supports after wearing my old ones several years. I was hoping they had not changed..Delighted to find they are still the same quality !!.. These foot supports give all day comfort and stability even on the rockiest ground.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Review by jhiker on 5/19/2014
"perfect insole"
Needed an insole for an all leather hiking boot not designed to be used with one, so it had to be thin, and I was looking for some metatarsal support to help with metatarsalgia. I've tried all the main brands and also custom orthotics. They're all too thick, too stiff, too soft, or just too far away from a natural feeling gait. The Downunders cradle my heel, keep my foot from slipping forward on downhills, and give just the right amount of cushioning and support, with no hard spots or squishiness. They also don't add any noticeable heat or weight.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Review by hwy1north on 10/21/2013