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Fischer RCS Classic Zero Ski 12/13

Item# FISN20711

$469.95 $259.94

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Used to be that on those 32 degree race days, everyone stared at the guy with the huge arms, shook their heads, and gave up. No more. Already used in many World Cup wins, the Fischer RCS Zero is the quiver ski that turns a waxing nightmare day into a shot at a podium placement.

  • Based on the hairy skis used in the '80s, the base insert on the Zero is made for repeated sandpaper applications to fine tune grip. Expect around 50-100k's between touch ups
  • DTG World Cup Plus base. Base material and structure optimized for moist snow above 23 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Speed Tip/Tail: Ultralight laminates in ski tip and tail mean less mass inertia and optimised swing weight. Ski weighs less at the tip and tail
  • CFC- Computer Flex Control. Skis are individually tested for stiffness and pressure distribution after manufacture. Computers then match skis from logged data to make pairs
  • Fischer's 812 flex classic ski has a wax pocket designed as a step function, but is best understood by describing it as a sort of bridge. The wax pocket stays easily off the snow until a certain degree of pressure is applied. Not a progressive flex, where a little bit more weight changes the length of/pressure on the wax pocket. The change when the skiers kick is applied is sudden. What is the result? The skis can be skied much softer in flex to gain better grip, while still keeping the grip zone off the snow during glide
  • Improved version of the zero base now has 3 zones to improve glide
  • Nordic Integrated System (NIS) plate for easy install of NNN-NIS touring bindings
  • Non-NIS bindings can be installed with screw on top of NIS plate
  • Picture show NNN binding as a suggestion; bindings not included
Gender Unisex
Waxless Yes
Weight 2 lbs 6 oz (1,080 g) - 197 cm
Dimensions 41, 44, 44 mm
Core Air Core
Camber Classic
Base type DTG World Cup Plus base w/zero inlay
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