Fischer Profoil Hannibal 100 Climbing Skins

Fischer Profoil Hannibal 100 Climbing Skins


Product Features

The Fischer Profoil Hannibal 100 climbing skins are a molded, thin sheet of textured polyethylene with exceptional glide and reliable grip in most snow conditions. These skins are cut to match the dimensions of the Hannibal 100 skis in specific lengths and use the tip and tail features of that ski. The fact that these skins won't absorb water or "ice-up" make them a revolutionary step in climbing skin technology.

  • Up to 20% longer stride due to the low friction coefficient of the ProFoil base material
  • ProFoil skins provide maximum grip for ascents even in icy tracks
  • ProFoil skins don't absorb water, therefore it will stay dry in all conditions and remain lightweight
  • Profoil tip attachment and adjustable rear strap included
  • Environmentally-friendly materials that don't use solvents
  • Requires Fisher Profoil tip hole

Product Specs

Material Polyethylene

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