Fischer BCX Variolite Cross Country Ski Poles

Fischer BCX Variolite Cross Country Ski Poles

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Product Features

The Fischer BCX Variolite ski pole is a true nordic adjustable pole, with important distinctions. Nordic poles should be light, should adjust to normal touring lengths, and have an efficient cross country ski type handle that doesn't flop out of your hands every time you follow through with a pole swing. Ski mountaineering adjustable poles are nice, but for cross country skiing don't settle for something not designed to optimize the experience.

  • Lightweight aluminum shaft is tough enough for backcountry XC skiing
  • Exceptional adjustment, from 95 up to 160cm
  • Handle has strap insertion below the top of the grip, allowing for a relaxed hand grip without losing control of the pole
  • Air Lock 2.0 adjustment mechanism allows one-handed manipulation
  • Grip has large top section for those times you need to palm the grip for max support
  • Cork grip surface feels warm to the touch

Product Specs

Weight 285g
Shaft material Aluminum
Length 95-160 cm