ENO Sil Nylon Fast Fly

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ENO Sil Nylon Fast Fly

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$99.95 $92.24

Product Features

The Eagle Nest Outfitters Sil Nylon Fast Fly is the perfect light weight rain/sun block companion for your Eno Hammock. Whether it's a cool, spring drizzle or those searing, summer rays, the FastFly offers quick protection from nature's milder annoyances. It goes up in a heartbeat with only four guy points, but provides a sprawling overhead shelter. For harsher conditions, the ProFly or DryFly are happy to oblige. Now available in Silicone Impregnated Nylon for uber water protection and a lighter weight.

  • PU Coated Sil-Nylon Ripstop
  • Spacious Interior With Adequate Head Room
  • Large Coverage Area for Dry Gear Storage
  • Stitched and Taped Seams

Product Specs

Weight 16oz
Material Rip Stop Nylon