CAMP Dyneema Tricam Set

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CAMP Dyneema Tricam Set

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Product Features

The CAMP Dyneema Tricam Set offers you the full run of the most commonly used tricams, with a strong Dyneema® sling.
  • Updated for 2013, with stiffer sewing on the slings for easier one-handed placement and extraction
  • Two placement modes: active cam and passive chock
  • Ideal for belay anchors due to their high strength and light weight
  • Dyneema slings weigh less and maintain strength in wet conditions
  • Excellent in horizontal cracks
  • Larger sizes are an affordable way to augment a rack of cams
  • Tricams can also be placed in icy cracks where regular cams do not work
  • Heads are anodized, color coded slings offer easy recognition
  • Set includes four Dyneema Tricams of one of each of the following sizes: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
  • Product Specs

    SKU CAMP975
    Weight 5.8 oz (164 g) - Set of four
    Strength 11 - 22 kN - Cam, 6 - 12 - Chock