Canada Goose Authorized Retailer

  • The Dangers of Counterfeits

    • After analyzing the content of counterfeit jackets, we know that instead of the sanitized, Canadian down used by Canada Goose, counterfeiters often use feather mulch or other fillers. These materials are often coated in bacteria, fungus or mildew, posing significant health risks to unsuspecting consumers. As well, raccoon, dog or other unknown animal hair may be used in place of our functional coyote fur ruff.
    • Even more frightening is that for a person in cold climate, an authentic Canada Goose parka could mean the difference between life and death. Without real down and fur, the chance of frostbite or freezing becomes a real possibility.
    • Finally, counterfeit isn't just a danger to your health, but also your wallet. Counterfeit sites are unlikely to offer a refund once a fake product is delivered. Moreover, without secure payment processing, your credit or identity could be at risk.

    Omcgear is an authorized retailer of Canada Goose

    • While shopping at OMCgear you can be sure that all our Canada Goose products are authentic. From the sanitized down material, to the fur, to the hologram on the inside of each jacket, everything is as it should be. You can find us on a list of authorized retailers both on the Canada Goose website, and through their counterfeit research tool.