Campsuds Original Soap

Campsuds Original Soap


Product Features

Since the 1960s, Campsuds has been making biodegradable, multi-purpose cleanser for hikers, backpackers and travelers. Add just a couple drops of Campsuds Original formula to tackle dirty dishes or grimy clothes. This concentrated soap is effective in nearly all conditions, including cold or salt water, and is gentle enough for body and hair.

  • Bio-degradable, environmentally friendly
  • Highly effective, concentrated formula requires only a few drops
  • Works equally as well in cold or salt water
  • Made from natural vegetable-derived ingredients with natural essential oil fragrance
  • Made of purified water, vegetable-base biodegradable anionic and non-ionic cleaning agents, and natural fragrance oils
  • Campsuds reminds you to use correctly in alpine wilderness areas, soap has a tough time degrading in water alone, so Campsuds suggests to use sparingly, away from alpine lakes and streams, and soapy wash and rinse water to in a 6 to 8 inch deep hole to dispose of allow bacteria in the soil to completely and safely biodegrade
  • Made in the USA

Product Specs

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