CAMP Tricam Evo

CAMP Tricam Evo

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Product Features

The Tricam Evo is a logical evolution of the tried and true, time-proven Tricam. Some simple engineering adds a second chock placement giving the Tricam Evo even more versatility. The wider section at the top of the head that creates the extra taper will also lend additional stability in cammed placements.

  • Three placement modes: active cam and 2 passive chocks
  • Works where nothing else can fit, such as solution pockets or icy cracks
  • Excellent in horizontal cracks
  • Features new, stiffer sewing on the slings for easier one-handed placement and extraction
  • Increased durability over sharp edges with the additional layer of material
  • Available in four sizes from 0.25 to 1.5

Product Specs

Weight 0.6 oz (0.25), 1 oz (0.5), 1.3 oz (1.0), 2 oz (1.5)
Strength 6 kN (0.25), 9 kN (0.5), 10 kN (1.0), 14 kN (1.5)