CAMP Nano 23 Express KS Quickdraw

CAMP Nano 23 Express KS Quickdraw

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Product Features

The CAMP Nano 23 Express KS Quickdraw is the draw for multi-pitch sport climbing, trad or anywhere on your rack. This compact size takes up little space and adds little weight on your harness.The Nano 23 Express KS Quickdraw features the new patented Karstop Evo which prevents rotation of the rope and carabiner.
  • Equipped with two Nano 23's, the world’s lightest full-strength carabiner!
  • Good clipping action with a nearly one-inch wide gate opening which allows for normal clipping and the use of a clove hitch knot
  • Silver carabiner for the gear end and orange carabiner for the rope end
  • Dyneema® dogbone is light and won't loose strength if wet
  • Patented Karstop Evo keeps the rope-end carabiner oriented for steady clips
  • A rack of CAMP Nano 23 Express KS Quickdraws can cut over a pound of excess weight compared to standard draws

Product Specs

Open major axis strength 7 kN
Closed major axis strength 20 kN
Gate Opening 21 mm
Minor axis strength 7 kN
Gate type Wire
Weight 2 oz (56 g)