Black Diamond Spinner Leash

Black Diamond Spinner Leash

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Product Features

The Black Diamond Spinner Leash offers the same freedom of a leashless system with added piece of mind. With the Spinner Leash attached to your harness a slip resulted in a dropped axe won't end with the axe plummeting down the mountain. The Spinner Leash stays out of the way until you need it!

  • Built-in swivel ensures tangle-free use
  • Proprietary elastic webbing stretches for maximum reach and absorbs less water than nylon
  • Stretchy bungee inside the black webbing prevents slack build up
  • Steel mini-clip attaches to the tool’s spike or head and won't get in the way
  • Weight: 4 oz (120 g)
  • Rated to 2 kN (450 lbf)

Product Specs

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