Black Diamond 18mm Nylon Daisy Chain

Black Diamond 18mm Nylon Daisy Chain

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Product Features

The Black Diamond 18 mm Nylon Daisy Chain is a durable daisy chain great for aiding and organizing. Available in two lengths to fit your reach.

  • Bottom loop is sewn with a half twist for clean girth hitching
  • Strength: 16 kN, 3,597 lbf
  • Pocket strength: 3 kN, 674 lbf
  • Please note, the Nylon Daisy is designed to support body weight only. When aid climbing properly a dynamic rope helps to absorb shock to the system, a Daisy Chain alone is NOT designed to hold falls. Use of a daisy chain as a substitute for a personal anchor or belay/rappel extender is extremely dangerous
  • Sold in assorted colors

Product Specs

SKU BD390011
Strength 16 kN (3,597 lbf)
Material Nylon
Weight 3.5 oz (98 g)