About OMCgear & Oregon Mountain Community

Our Story

  • In 1971, a group of climbers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts established/founded Oregon Mountain Community (OMC) in Portland, Oregon. Today, OMC continues to provide the best gear, service, and shopping experience to our customers.
  • This has led the retail store to act as a showroom as our online presence to grow into the web site you see today. We haven't lost the desire to provide the best shopping experience. Welcome to our community of devoted and enthusiastic mountain people.

Our History

  • Oregon Mountain community moved from Oregon's historic chinatown in the Portland metro area, and settled in the east side in 2005. The store moved to Sandy Blvd, just off Interstate 84 at exit 1, to accommodate even more inventory and a larger retail space.
  • Since then OMC has been the anchor of outdoor life of its loyal customers for multiple generations. We started as, and still operate as a locally owned and operated company.
OMC Storefront

Our retail store

  • We offer products from brands like The North Face, Arc’teryx, Marmot, Black Diamond, Patagonia, Jetboil, Mountain Hardware, and Canada Goose.
  • Our team of outdoors enthusiasts is dedicated to providing you with the best in-store experience possible. From recommendations and demonstrations, to stories from their most recent climb they are here to help you enjoy your shopping experience.
  • OMC offers a full service retail and rental store. Come in to receive personalized service, expert sizing and to try on products.
  • Keep an eye out for our special in-store events, such as our Backcountry & Nordic Ski Expo (November 16th) and our gear care/instruction clinics.
  • The Oregon Mountain Community building houses our retail store, warehouse, and corporate office. Any items you see on the website you can stop by and ask questions, or try on when you're in the store.
  • While the retail store has limited floor space, all you have to do is ask one of our retail associates and they will grab the size and color you want from the warehouse.

Rental Shop

  • OMC has a full rental suite with the best equipment on the market.
  • Specializing in providing the newest, top of the line, gear to try out before you buy, our rental shop is like no other.
  • Looking for our price sheet on rentals?

Ski Shop

  • Hidden downstairs in the basement is our full featured ski shop and workroom.
  • We provide expert waxing, tuning, skin trimming, and binding installation.
  • Looking for our price sheet on service?

Demo, or Rental?

  • We are all familiar with the concept of rentals. The same gear gets taken out time after time, and eventually you end up renting something your grandparents owned.
  • At OMC you won't find tons of old gear hanging around, as our demo equipment is replaced every year; adding the newest offerings to our demo program, and retiring older gear.
  • The differences between our rental packages (Demo / Rental) are that our Demo packages are stocked with this year's newest and most requested gear.
  • If you enjoyed your rental or demo, you have the option to purchase that set of gear, or even parts of it for a discount! Try before you buy never sounded so good.

Warranty & Repair Services

  • Our warranty service removes all the hassle of calling customer service and figuring out how to get your items back and forth to the manufacturer.
  • We handle all that hassle for you. Bring us your item that's still under warranty and we'll take care of it while keeping you informed along the way.

Boot Fitting Service:

  • When your boot doesn't fit right, every inch can feel like a mile. Come to the retail store to take advantage of our free diagnostic service and we can help reduce, or even remove, those aches and pains from your trip.
  • Our experienced boot fitters are here to help make your trip more comfortable. Specializing in fitting AT, Tele, XC and Sidecountry boots, we can give nearly every boot a better fit.
  • We offer free diagnostics, new intuition liners, thermo/heat molding, shell adjustments and liner adjustments.
  • We can address hot spots, blisters and any spot that rubs your foot while on the trail or slopes. Take a minute to stop in and talk with our experts!

Technical Bindings

  • Our friendly staff knows the ins and outs of all our ski bindings and are here to help you get more out of your gear. Have a question? Want to let the manufacturer know your point of view? Need advice on how to stretch yourself for that last little bit on your trip? Looking for the right gear to take with you? Take a few moments and chat with our friendly staff!

Our Partnership with Trustpilot

  • OMCgear has partnered with Trustpilot, an independent 3rd party review company in order to rate our performance as an online retailer. After you place an order at OMCgear, you'll be invited by e-mail to review our performance.We display our rating on Google, in this page, and at the bottom of every page on our site. Placed an order in the past? Share your experience with us and everyone that visits the site. You can view our reviews, and leave a new review for us on our Trustpilot page by clicking here